Supplement Savvy Now 75% Off!

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I have some good news! A lot of people said they wanted to take my new e-course but could not afford it. I am here to help as many people as possible, so I dropped the price 75%. Read on.
What if you could learn to take better care of yourself in the areas where you spend the most money such as colds/flu, insomnia, hormone imbalances, energy, and weight gain? Your long-term savings could be in the thousands. I know it was that way for me. In 2001 I ended up very ill and spent nearly a year in bed due to Lyme disease and mold. 

I had many problems such as chronic fatigue, insomnia, hormonal imbalances, dry eyes, joint pain, fibromyalgia, food allergies, gluten intolerance, repeated colds and flu, heavy metal toxicity, brain fog, mood swings, anxiety, borderline autoimmune disease, and low thyroid. I was a walking, talking hot mess! 

One of the strategies I used to get off my sickbed and back into life was to learn as much as I could about concentrated nutrition in the form of supplements. I learned not only what to take, but also what companies to buy from. Some supplements are so full of contaminants and fillers I would not give them to my dog. Then I had to learn how to take them – take too little and I would feel weak, take too much and I would feel toxic. Now I've been well for 16 years.

Now it's your turn to heal. 

Each week will be a life improving live call with me!
October 3: Detoxing
October 10: Infection defense
October 17: Hormone balance
October 24: Sleep and energy 
October 31: Mind and mood

At 75% off you can get the knowledge you're seeking and have your questions answered.