meet dr. jane

Jane H. Smith, MD, is an author, speaker, and “Wholeness Living” thought leader. 
More than a decade ago, a medical crisis left her bedridden. Her colleagues had no remedies for Lyme Disease and Black Mold so they began to pull away from her. Secretly, her lifelong internist told her husband to prepare for life without her. Dr. Jane was going to die!
In a desperate attempt to save her life, Dr. Jane dove into novel healing arts like Integrative Medicine, organic nutrition, and pursuing God as she tried to answer the question, “Are pain and suffering the best life has to offer?”
Now retired from Pediatric and Integrative Medicine, she weaves her decades of experience into her her speaking, writing, and coaching.
She lives what she teaches by raising certified organic, grass-fed beef with her family in Montana. Dr. Jane passionately empowers people to heal – body, soul, and spirit – so that they live their big, unbreakable life!