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                                                                          For a Powerful Purpose


On a regular basis people ask why they are alive.


The question usually comes out, “What’s the point?” because we aren’t used to asking ourselves direct questions. We let the pace of life’s routines drown our answer for a while, but at some point we are going to pursue it. Purpose is a strong driving force.


I believe the reason most people don’t answer this question quickly stems from it being a confusing topic. People have lots of ideas why humanity exists.


For too long, people have seen us through lenses that don’t accurately reflect the splendor of what it means to be human. Some see people through the animal-lens that says we are the same as any other creature on earth. In this view, we are seen as expendable, wasteful creatures. A painful example of this view occurred years ago in California when a mountain lion killed a mother. After authorities killed the lioness so she would not kill again, an outcry arose for both the woman and the cubs. In the end the cubs received more financial support than the orphaned children.


A still lower view of people is through an evolutionary-lens, which teaches that we are here by chance as purposeless, burdensome creatures. A painful example of this occurred in WW II Nazi Germany where people considered the less fit for life were “exterminated” like animals. Unfortunately, the killing field effects of this view has been played out many painful times.


In these two views there is nothing planned or special about humanity; we are devalued to consumers of the earth’s resources and a detriment to its existence. But there is another lens. I have found that looking at the value of our life through a God-lens brings clarity and significance to our existence. With this lens we see that the worth of ALL human life is sacred and therefore set apart for special purposes. The earth was made for us to fill and improve, not trash.


Better yet, with Jesus’s actions 2000 years ago all humanity received an upgrade to priceless, which means no one is expendable. Through his actions he created a way for us to unite with him by accepting his upgrade. People literally can become connected to him, the source of life, love, and healing. Far from being some mystical, cosmic topic, this new unity gives a person a powerful reason for being alive — to release healing and life into their sphere of influence.


Although humanity’s purpose is similar, the way we live this out is as unique as our fingerprints. We are not here to be essential workers or to leave as small a footprint as possible. No, we are here to grow as big and unbreakable as possible so that when we die we leave our part of earth better than when we found it.


Being united to the One who is life empowers us to have all the energy we need to accomplish our reason for living. He loves us, which means he is constantly connecting us with the resources and people we need. It is the ultimate win-win situation.


You can’t see your true purpose as long as you live in survival mode waiting for the latest bad news to come down the broadcasters pipe. You won’t know why you’re alive as long as you are waiting for someone to tell you how to live.


I won’t tell you how to live. I will tell you that you are priceless. I will tell you that you are alive for a powerful purpose and without you humanity cannot solve its problems.


You are free to look at life through whatever lens you choose. The only thing I ask is why would you see yourself as anything less than who you really are? Why would you allow suffering when you carry an answer to solve some of it? I encourage you to explore uniting with God so you can go for your big, unbreakable life. Yes, you are that powerful.

That's all for this week.
Remember you are priceless & powerful,
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Dr. Jane
Wholeness Living Thought Leader