7 benefits part II

Part II


Relief, joy, relationships, significance, we are looking for something better and it is in Wholeness Living that we find them. Piecemealing our lives leads to frustration and pain. Taking care of our entire being, body, soul, and spirit, does not.

That term Wholeness Living means nothing to most people, and yet, most people long to be whole. To bridge the gap, we need to know what a whole life looks like, so we know how to move from point A to point B.

Last week I talked about the first three benefits of Wholeness Living. This week we're looking at the next four.

You're going to love these!

  1. Protection -- I saw my protection expand. A lot of this came because I was gaining wisdom about how to live. It’s amazing the pitfalls you can avoid when you make being wise a priority. Part of this was learning how to save instead of always spending and removing toxic people and places from my life. The other change that brought an increase of protection was learning to trust God. Since I jumped into wholeness, my family has experienced fewer illnesses and accidents compared to ten years ago. We also have had fewer sicknesses and problems in our herd. Do we still have problems to deal with? Yes. Do they end better? Yes! The trend is definitely our friend.

  2. Abundance -- I started to see money as a tool, not a task master. It became a way to reflect a person’s value. This one took me by surprise. Philosopher and physician, John Locke describes that as people began to own more property, their need to secure their possessions grew. Money was born and so was the ability to enlarge a person’s dreams! As I started to see people’s pricelessness, I started using money to invest in that value. This shift has completely changed the way I use my money.

  3. Relationships -- I saw my heart towards people enlarge. In broken mode, I kept people at a distance because I was sure they would hurt me. In wholeness, I started to see that they had unmet needs and were acting out their hunger for peace. I started to see their precious value and trusted in their ability to make better choices. As a result, I stopped trying to control people and trusted my ability to make better choices as well.

  4. Love -- I started to see our Creator as hugely loving. For most of my life, I saw him as either an abusive old man or a depersonalized force that caused natural disasters. In Wholeness, I started to see that our Creator has an expansive heart and a brilliant mind with which he feels deeply, and dreams big. I started connecting on a deeper level with him to hear his thoughts, experience his feelings, and know his heart. I discovered that he wanted meaningful relationships with everyone. He is extremely relatable. I also saw that he is infinite. His presence spans past, present, and future, so nothing takes him by surprise or defeats his good intentions. His knowledge lacks nothing, either. It’s why he laughs at those who think they will destroy him and offers solutions to those who want to talk with him.
In Wholeness Living, we gain the ability to become a complete and authentic person who can positively influence the world around us. It is not about being a better version of our old selves.

I hope you are encouraged to pursue Wholeness Living through this short blog series. If you want more help and info on Wholeness Living take a look at my book How to Live a Big, Unbreakable Life in my store, or contact me to set up a coaching appointment.

That's all for this week.
Remember you are priceless & powerful,
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Dr. Jane
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