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Change for the sake of change is useless. But change that brings improvement is brilliant! I have two improvements to share with you. 

1) After a lot of thought I am transitioning to a new social media platform. 
For years now I have been distressed by the loss of privacy and leakage of personal data. I've grown up in the age of compromise watching leaders throw away my rights without my permission and have decided enough is enough. Some say privacy is a thing of the past. I absolutely disagree. Privacy is a right. It ensures that you remain in control of your person and that you do not become a product to be exploited.
I do not expect everyone to agree with me or change with me; that is not my goal in announcing this. What I am doing is stating that I am going to take back the privacy I can so that I do not A) support companies that see people as products and that B) I do not compromise for the sake of fitting in.
That being said, I am leaving FB, twitter, and google. I am still on linkedin for now

2) This leads me to my second announcement. I will be starting the Dr. Jane Show on GAB TV
In the coming weeks you'll see my show discussing topics that effect our body, soul, and spiritual health. Live streaming is a whole new world that I am excited to jump into. Watch for an announcement.
The good news is that you do not need to sign up with GAB to watch my free TV show or read my posts. Just go to my GAB page (see link below) to read and watch.
On this page, I will also post premium content in the form of e-courses that you can access for a small monthly fee. My introductory price will be $4/mo to enable as many people as possible to view my Wholeness Living help. To access my premium content, you will need a GAB account, which is a name and email address.
Feel free to email me with any questions you have about these changes. I'll be happy to answer them.
If you want to keep in touch sign up for my weekly blogs and news using the form in the left corner of this page. As I release premium content or Dr. Jane Show episodes, I will send email announcements.

Click on the green frog to see my GAB page!
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That's all for this week.
Remember you are priceless & powerful,
Dr. Jane
Wholeness Living Thought Leader