Your best life awaits!

Are you done living a rushed, empty, cloned life? 
Do you feel forced to wear a “happy” mask on the outside, when inside you’re not?  Have you secretly felt you aren’t good enough?  Or are sick and tired of being sick and tired?
If so, you aren’t alone. I know, because I was there.

The Arc of
Wholeness Living

More than 16 years ago a medical crisis fueled by chronic Lyme Disease and toxic mold left me bed-ridden. On top of that, medical debt destroyed my financial security, and the isolation of sickness destroyed my relationships. Even though I had been a physician ten years, I had no clue how to heal. I needed something that would work!

Often, it isn’t until people hit rock bottom that they open their horizons to novel ideas. 

When I hit bottom, I turned to Integrative Medicine. There I learned how to use nutrition, supplements, herbs, acupuncture, and homeopathy to restore my health. Still, I did not experience the stability for which I hungered. Stress kept me off balance. 

It took a while, but I finally discovered that my soul and spirit were starving for the right “nutrition” too. Things like significance, forgiveness, connection, and direction acted like superfood on my entire being. Coupled with my knowledge as an Integrative Physician, I stopped getting sick and my health soared. 

This new life paradigm became a roadmap for living. Finally, I left “fractured living” behind, forever. 

Now It’s Your Turn!  

In my twenty-five plus years of working with people, I’ve seen that no amount of information, inspiration, motivation, or perspiration can make people to take care of themselves.  

It is only after they understand that they are designed to live whole as priceless, powerful people that they begin to take ownership of their well-being.  

I call my approach to health Wholeness Living and know that it works as it was the only strategy that got me off my sickbed and back into life. It's not complicated either. This process is as easy as sitting down at a table with a good friend to eat a tasty meal, again and again. 

Just as plants grow from whole seeds, we experience improvements everywhere when we take care of our whole being. 

My services

Today, it’s not where you are, but where you are going that matters. Wholeness Living will help you achieve success because it empowers you to fight for yourself. It would be an honor to help you discover  the joy and freedom that Wholeness Living brings.

One-on-One Coaching 

My personalized life and health coaching is flexible, so whether you need a 15-minute flash appointment or a 1-hour overhaul, help is on the way. 

What I Bring

There are many life and health coaches, but none can offer my level of expertise. I am an Emory University trained physician who was dually licensed as an M.D. and an Integrative Physician (H.M.D., homeopathic medical doctor) when I retired my license to raise my children. Since 2012, I have offered virtual coaching. I choose to coach instead of practicing medicine as it enables me to maximally empower my clients to learn how to heal using natural remedies and how to take ownership of their lives. I not only have medical and coaching experience, but also run several enterprises, so I know the demands business can put on our health. No life or health coach can compete with the quality and excellence I offer. My complete CV available upon request.
One of the most important foundations to good health is trust. Unfortunately, it is also the one repeatedly broken in our culture. Without it, we feel unstable and our immune system suffers; with it, we achieve effective, lasting growth. I will do my best to create and maintain trust with you.
My office is virtual, which means I can better serve you where ever you live in the USA (currently not coaching clients living outside the U.S.). 

Let's get started

Client references and Dr. Jane's Professional History available upon request for serious inquiries