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One of our spirit's greatest needs is communication. And one of the biggest things we need to hear is comfort.

In its purest form, comfort means to come with strength: Pain pulls us apart. Comfort sews us together.

Unmet needs create our wounds that need comforting. I left childhood with a lot of unmet needs and had a sad little girl's heart. To top it all off, I did not know how to grieve because I thought if I let any of my pain out it would destroy me. Images in movies supported that fear; hurting people were always destructive.

As I discovered safe places for my heart, my pain bubbled through its cracks like tar. It was messy. My husband, thankfully, was one of those safe places, so slowly and jerkily, I expressed my grief. Some days I never thought I'd stop crying or yelling at the injustice of childhood trauma.

When my wounds were not as raw, I realized that people were responsible for how they had treated me, and now, I was responsible for how I was going to treat my wounds. This was a big step in leaving victimization as an identity. Letting my pain out was just the beginning; I wanted my internal wounds completely healed.

I started spending time with God. He had spent years building trust with me as I describe in my book Big, Unreakable Life, so asking him to heal the holes in my heart was a logical next step. One time I asked him what my grief looked like from his perspective and was rocked by what I saw.

In my imagination's eyes I saw the pieces of my heart spread widely across a carpeted floor like many splinters of red glass. Crawling on the ground with tweezers in his hands was Jesus. He carefully tracked down each piece and gently put them in a velvet bag. I found it an act of gracious love that no part of my heart, no matter how small, went unattended by his loving eyes. Over time, as we continued to talk, he put these pieces together.

These experiences left me feeling comforted and strangely satisfied. It was only later I discovered the word in Hebrew for comfort, saba, means to be filled with food. We try to use junk and comfort foods to feed our spirit, but  repeatedly experiencing love in such a way as I described will feed our spirits and heal our grief. Because we don't believe God still talks with people or that we need to be in a church to experience him, many will not pursue him like this.

I encourage you to pursue conversations with him so that you come out of any pain sewn back together. We don't control what others do, but we do control how we heal.

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