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Ignorance is one of the cruelest taskmasters I know, for it denies a person access to how good life can be.

Whether it is people tolerating a disease that can be reversed, food that is killing them, poverty that is correctable, or despair that can be dispelled, ignorance is a common denominator.

Frankly, it is THE most common problem I encounter and it is THE epidemic destroying people’s lives.

Today I am going after the ignorance of the goodness, kindness, and protection of God. It is a sacred cow of sorts, and I will tread as lightly as I can, knowing people’s experience with the word “God” can range from joyous to traumatic.

So why bother bringing it up when I know this is a testy subject? Because I love seeing people whole and healed more than I fear their anger from discussing a touchy topic. Once a person learns freedom, they can’t unknow it. I know energy flows from a strong spirit into our body and improves our health, I know that this strength means we will need fewer supplements to feel good, I know that this power sustains our joy for living and removes depression. So in good conscience I must talk about the ways people can develop strong health.

For too long the topic of our spirit has been confined to religion, but that is not where it belongs. And for too long when people talk about our spirit, they immediately want you to join their church. That’s not right either. People, first and foremost, must have their freewill and ability to think honored when discussing any part of them—especially their spirit. Spiritual discussions are not religious topics, but life topics.

Getting back to ignorance…I believe 2000 years ago a social, not a religious, revolution occurred. God ended one agreement, or covenant, with him and initiated a new one. The old one had to do largely with rules that needed to be followed or severe consequences would follow. It was kept by people. The new one was started and is kept by God and we chose whether or not to participate. It’s important to understand that God does not initiate religion, nor the denominations we associate with it. He initiated a relationship.  

Most people I meet who describe themselves as “Christians” see the old and new agreement as a blended hybrid. They keep what they can of the old, throw out what does not fit (like stoning a rebellious child), and cling to the love of God on their bad days.

As I have read, studied, and re-read the old and new agreements, I see God saying over and over that the old one would be ended and even become “obsolete” when the new one arrived (Hebrews chapter 8, verse 13). What is left when we stop trying to keep an agreement that is no longer in effect? Well, the goodness, kindness, and protection of God, that’s what.

Yes, I am aware that most people do not have this point of view.

I propose to you that while people continue to hybridize the two agreements, they will continue to be wounded, disillusioned, and angry at God. The old agreement was rule oriented and divisive; the new one is relational and healing. They cannot be blended; they are like oil and water.

For me, to keep living as if the old agreement were still in effect was to live like a spiritual widow, pining away for a spouse who was removed through death. God offered humanity an authentic relationship that is full of life, love, virtue, honor, wisdom, healing, and liberty. This relationship pours all these qualities into every area of my life – my marriage, my parenting, my businesses, my destiny, my friendships, my emotions, my thoughts, and my adoration.

This relationship has returned what ignorance robbed and invites us to experience the goodness, kindness, and protection of God…and this propels our bodies into a strength we never knew was possible.

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