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If you look in most American’s kitchen cabinets you’ll find rows of supplements.

Most of these bottles are half used and expired a long time ago. It demonstrates how good companies are at selling a promise in a bottle. The idea that we can take a concentrated nutrient to reverse years of poor food choices, long work hours, and too much inactivity fuels their sales. Real health does not come in a pill.

Don’t get me wrong; I like supplements. I take them regularly. My cabinet is full too, but the only expired bottle I have is Ibuprofen. Unfortunately, we discovered this after one of my sons had a sports injury. Ugh, my mommy bad.

As much as I like and support taking supplements, I do not support how often we take them. The majority of companies recommend people take their pill powder or liquid one to three times a day. This sounds good, but is their recommendation supported by science? And when you take that much, do you feel better? I suggest you read about your supplements on sites such as to answer those questions. For instance, I feel good taking Ubiquinol, the preferred form of CO Q10, but when I take it daily I don’t feel as good as when I take it several times a week.

The other thing I don’t like about all our supplements daily is that it is unrealistic. On a good day, we can remember to take something a few times a week. But three times a day, that is just not happening.  

As I have developed my own routines for vitamin and supplement use, I found myself gravitating to simpler and simpler routines that I would actually follow. No one does complicated for long unless it is life saving. When I was first getting off my sickbed, I took handfuls of pills and liquids everyday just to survive. I felt better. But as soon as I could, I simplified my routines.

Here are a few ideas to help you on your own road to whole health:
  1. Remember supplements are just that, supplements. They do not give you health; they add to it. The backbone of looking and feeling good is eating fresh, organic foods and drinking clean water.
  2. Consider rotating through your supplements as you would on a rotational diet.
  3. Look at what you are taking and decide which ones could be taken on an every other day schedule.

I don’t think we need every supplement every day if we are eating diverse, nutritious foods. You benefit yourself much more when you step-by-step remove processed foods, conventional meats/dairy, and sugary drinks from your diet than when you over supplement. Remember, the only thing processed you want in your life is your grief, not your food. This brings me to my last point.

Supplements can only take you so far. Stop falling for the “good life in a bottle.” I realize it is easier to take a pill than look at the real energy drain in your life. As messy as it may feel, I encourage you to couple your nutritional improvements with a Wholeness Living mindset. You will need fewer supplements and medications, for that matter, when you care for your soul and spirit too. I certainly have seen this in my family’s and my health. The more we feed our whole being the easier it is to feel good and stay healthy.

When you need help creating a sane schedule for your nutritional needs, give me a call (1-844-311-9103). I provide in person appointments at my Montana office and virtual appointments for my long distance clients. It would be an honor to help you.

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