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When people think about living better and enjoying their lives, they usually change how they eat or exercise. This is a good place to start, but if you want improvements that will continue to grow and endure through the tests of time, you’ll want to have a broader approach. You’ll want to look at your identity.

You get at this by looking at what motivates you to improve. Is it for you? Is it for someone else? Is it for work? Are you competing with others in a self-improvement rat race? It is very common to want to make changes to our lives based on changing what people think of us. But if we improve ourselves for others approval, then we will feel devalued when they criticize us. People-pleasing is a cruel taskmaster that exhausts us in the end. But how do you get rid of it?

You’ll cut through this confusion by understanding your authentic needs. Our souls need to know their worth just as our body needs water or sleep. When we don’t regularly “feed” our souls significance, hunger pangs like people-pleasing rumble to the surface. A great truth to feed your soul to get off this treadmill is that you are priceless. Our value is permanently set and cannot be changed by anyone’s opinion, including our own. Just as it takes time for food to be assimilated into your body, it takes time for pricelessness to replace insignificance, so be patient but persistent. It will happen. You can be confident of that.

Here are some ideas for “eating” significance:
•    Make some alone time to ask God what he thinks of you.
•    Declare over yourself that you are priceless instead of criticizing yourself.
•    Spend time meditating what it means when priceless God purchases priceless humanity (i.e. he spent top dollar for you because you are worth it!)

Once you know you’re priceless, your identity will be stable. You’ll make decisions to improve yourself for you and no one’s rejection or acceptance will change who you are. You also won’t feel the need to criticize yourself when you make mistakes.

Personally speaking, pricelessness is a very satisfying place to live. The stability and peace it brings is many times better than taking vitamin C or swimming laps at a pool because stability drops our stress hormones. And lower stress means a whole health upgrade.  

Feeding your soul significance is just one simple step to help you grow into your big, unbreakable life. Keep at it. You’re worth fighting for! 

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