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People get it when I tell them that I am a health coach. They can picture what that looks like.

People do not get it, however, when I tell them I’ll help them live a big, unbreakable life. The problem isn’t that people can’t understand; the problem is in what they are seeing, or not seeing.

Many images in our lives encourage us to think small, live small, and survive big. We all know people who start a family, a business, or a cause only to see their efforts end in ashes. Current statistics show that over 50% of marriages split, 96% of businesses fail, and 77% of non-profits close. Sadly, this is true for us too. Right now my husband and I are praying for friends with marriages on the rocks, businesses that are struggling, and dear ones fighting for their health. Broken and small is everywhere we look.

Media adds to this by sending us mixed messages for happiness. Songs and movies repeatedly tell us it is better to scale back our achievements for our relationships or to be content with a job you hate and a small paycheck. The thing we all miss, though, is that many times the artists and actors telling us this personally have achievements, relationships, and finances, yet we are expected to do without. Really? The other message we hear is the have-it-all-at-once fairytale. Newspapers are full of people who attempt this only to end up strung out on prescription meds in a wake of broken relationships.

The result of all this brokenness is that people, tired of living confused, settle for survival when they believe that small and broken is inevitable and that big will always lead to disaster. Worse yet, we give up on dreaming when we consider the word “unbreakable” a pipe dream reserved for heaven.

Thankfully, brilliant Einstein pointed us in a better direction by saying, “The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them." Exactly! In order to believe that our big, unbreakable life is possible, we need to not just think differently, we need to think better.

Better thinking simply comes with seeing what we are missing. And that in this case is the Truth. 2000 years ago humanity received an upgrade that gave us new rights, new parts, and new protection. Unfortunately, the one who gave us this upgrade, Jesus, and the effects of his life have only been narrowly applied to religion. Truth is, our upgrade has farther-reaching effects than changing how we worship or what denomination we claim.

The Truth is that the way things were is not how they are supposed to be. After the Upgrade, as I call it, evil does not have the right to destroy what people have worked hard to achieve. Our new parts mean that we can deeply connect with the Divine in ways the ancients never knew. And lastly, we can enjoy living in the power of God’s protection. These all sound like fairy tale concepts, but when aptly applied to life’s struggles, these truths will radically improve our lives. The thing we moderns miss is that internal upgrades always lead to external improvements.

Our Upgrade means that:
  • You can heal and watch your life expand
  • You can build and bar destruction from your health, relationships, and dreams
  • You can save and experience generosity from fullness
  • You can live your life on offense to take back what chaos has stolen

These benefits are how you know the Truth from a fact. The fact is that I was abused as a little girl. The Truth is that God helped me completely heal inside out. The Truth is that I am not that vulnerable little girl anymore; I am a protected woman. An eternal Truth applied to your life will transform it. The more I apply these Truths to my life and relationships, the more I experience healing, growth, and affection. With these I then create more, love deeper, and dream bigger.

I encourage you to read my latest book How to Build a Big Unbreakable Life: An Invitation to Wholeness. It will give you a roadmap to getting to your big, unbreakable life. Don’t just read it once either. Read and re-read it until you believe it for yourself. Thinking on a higher level takes repetition and time so that you experience maximum freedom and joy. Your patience with the process will help you see great rewards!

Remember “The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them." You can learn to think better!

That's all for this week.
Remember you are priceless & powerful,

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Dr. Jane
Wholeness Living Thought Leader