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Today, let’s look at a health topic that has been described as the new cigarette…sitting. Yep, just when you thought it was safe to sit, there are disease sharks in the water. In terms of its negative effects on your health, more studies support the tide of bad news. I know, it seems like everything modern is bad for us. Well, pull up a chair (pun intended) and let’s improve your health.

Not everything modern is bad, including sitting. We need to sit, to take a load off. That is OK, but sitting for hours at a time is not OK. Dr. James Levine, author of Get Up!: Why Your Chair is Killing You and What You Can Do About It, has pioneered getting people out of their chairs. He connected many of our modern diseases with sitting too long. His work and 10,000 other studies found that even if you are physical fit, sitting for long periods still harms your health and shortens your life (1,2). Things like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity are just a few problems that come with sitting too long. I encourage you to read the articles I reference at the end of this article for more details and ideas.

So what’s a body to do, especially if your work requires long stretches of sitting? Here are some suggestions I gleaned from my reading to help you keep working strong and improving your health at the same time:

  1. Set a timer to get up and stretch or walk every hour
  2. Convert your desk to a standing desk
  3. Ask your co-workers to do walk-and-talk meetings
  4. Sit on a large exercise ball instead of an office chair
  5. Walk a message to a co-worker instead of calling
  6. Go up and down the steps when you need to deliver a message.
  7. Look into Dr. Levine’s book and treadmill desk

You may be saying, "Dr. Jane, my employer does not support standing desks or walking more." I strongly suggest you read some articles, get some stats, and present it to your bosses. When they see the benefits the company can gain by improving their employees' health, namely decreased medical costs, they may take a different position.

Also, give yourself permission to transition into standing. Like any new health adventure, it is a process. I used a six-month period to stand more at my desk. A year later my brain is sharper, my back feels amazing, and my energy is higher. The belly fat that I worked so hard to get rid of just left. Don’t let the newness of this scare you away. You are worth fighting for!

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