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It is amazing to watch the value of human life increase!

Behavior and actions that were once common place, and therefore considered acceptable, are now being called out whether it is racism, sexism, or religious discrimination. The fact that people are being held accountable is evidence for human lives increasing value. I love it!
One of my life long goals is to see humanity at it's best and one of the quickest ways to see that is to honor others based on their internal priceless value, not agreement. I know that many of you do not agree with me. That's great because then our connection can be based on honor and love -- two of my favorite values that always elevate people. 

So today, I thank you for being here week after week. For reading, chewing on my blogs, and commenting from time to time.

Some professional bloggers say that I put too much info in my articles. That I give too much away. Rubbish! You are worth every word I write. I am not into carefully crafting; I am into elevating people.

You are priceless and powerful, which means your life matters in this world. And if no one else says it, I am grateful for you. Keep living, keep fighting for you, keep loving deeper, keep learning and growing. The world is a better place because your alive!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!

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