holiday eating II12-12-2017

A few weeks ago we looked at some general ideas to make sure you don't eat a bunch of
junk this holiday season and end up gaining weight and getting sick. With the level of pesticides going up in our foods, this is more important than ever before.
This week I want to give you specific foods to eat so you get the vitamins and nutrients you need to stay energized and healthy while still enjoying festive foods with your loved ones.
Before we get to that list I want to encourage you to keep buying organic, non-processed or minimally processed foods. Things like agent orange, toxic high fructose corn syrup, and designer chemicals fill our food supply. Yes, you pay more for organic, but I am pretty sure it is still cheaper than a night in the cardiac care unit, chemotherapy, or elder care. Pay less now or pay more later. I know this is not joyous holiday talk, but coming from someone who rebuilt her health from scratch, I can tell you it is easier (and cheaper) to prevent and turn course before catastrophe hits.

Here are some nutrients you don't want to miss this Christmas and New Year Season:

  1. Magnesium -- found in cashews, avocados, and spinach. Essential to immune, cardiac, and mental health function.
  2. Vitamin D -- found in sardines, salmon, egg yolks. Essential to everything in your body (seriously, this is no exaggeration. It works on over 2000 genes)
  3. B vitamins -- found in grass fed meats, raw milk cheeses, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds. Essential to proper cell function, energy production, and blood creation.

Remember to fill up on good things so you only have 1-2 bites of the foods that have fake colors or are high in sugar. Sugar cane is sprayed with roundup to help ripen it and sugar beets are now GMO, so unless you know the treat is organic eating less is more. Less disease causing toxicity and more health, that is.

Next week we will look at ways to keep your stress level down and feed your soul at Christmas, whether you celebrate it or not.

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That's all for this week.
Remember you are priceless & powerful,
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Dr. Jane
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