Is An Unbreakable Life Possible?

So much of my life has been a painful lesson in how life could break me inside and out. Whether it was childhood trauma, rotten boyfriends, judgmental friends, cruel illnesses, or sudden accidents, my experiences told me to shrink my world so as not to get hurt again. My spirit called out to circle the wagons and save myself from greater fracturing.

I tried living from pain avoidance for decades. It worked for a while, but it is really tiring because your heart is always on high alert. I know in retrospect that my vigilance made my fatigue worse when I was fighting for my life in the early 2000s. No matter how well I ate or the supplements I took, there was always this nagging drag on my energy. When the unseen side of you is tired, your body is tired.

If you have read my blog for very long, you know that I came out of bed ridden from Lyme Disease and Black Mold. I've known a lot of people who have been as sick like me. Not everyone gets better and that was hard to accept. I continued to gain in strength and courage as time went forward, so I asked God what was I doing right so I could share it with others.

Learning to feed myself body, soul, and spirit was key. We are fluid, growing beings with needs on every level. If we take care of these needs, we flourish. If we ignore them we don't. Hunger pangs in our soul and spirit can look like addictions, infidelity, illness, compromise, quitting, and the like in our body. It's these things that derail us like a low blood sugar would during a test. We can't think and focus when our unseen parts are starving.

It was surprising to discover that wholeness was God's idea. I was always taught that God was in the destruction business with nations and the break-em-to-teach-them-a-lesson business with people. I learned that he gave hardship to teach us character. Where does this garbage come from? (that is a discussion for another day). Honestly, the concept of God being loving and helping me heal took a while to accept.

As I dive deeper into the all you can eat buffet of his love toward humanity, I am learning something else. His wholeness feast transforms people from scared rabbits who circle the wagons into courageous lovers of themselves and others.

One of the words I've studied on my wholeness journey is inviolable. It means to be unbreakable.

Yeah, I had to sit down for that one too. Our wholeness journey makes us unbreakable. Let that one rattle around your heart for a while. A wholeness journey of eating what you need makes you unbreakable… not judged, not isolated, not stuck, but unbreakable. It sounds too good to be true, but that is how much we are loved.

There's more to come on this, but for now begin to let this new meal of wholeness sink in like a Thanksgiving dinner. Ahhhhh!