It is something we think about on a daily basis – how do we make our interactions better?

No one likes spending a day at work or running around town doing errands only to have a bunch of negative exchanges with people.

Right now, when we have many tense governmental situations and polarized political issues, it is easy to find ourselves at odds with family and friends alike. There are several reactions to times like these. Some people are simply going off on others. That’s no good;
you’ll only end up a lonely, bitter person. Some people are saying nothing; that’s no good either. Life only improves when people speak up and help improve things. Another group pretends that nothing is wrong in the world; this one is not a choice for obvious reasons.
Finally, another group is taking action. Depending on which side you take on an issue you will support or criticize these actions.

Clearly, it is not easy to decide how you will navigate life so that you improve your interactions.

I am someone who takes the road less traveled in terms of health, education, religion, and occupation so I have learned how to stand for my values while honorably interacting with people.

To find my answer I had to understand how I was made. Common teachings focus on our mind and emotions, but we are much more than that. We are made up of a body, soul, and spirit. Just as we have many organs, we have multiple parts of our being. Keeping all three healthy and whole is the best way to improve all our interactions in life.

For the sake of time, we will look at our spirit today. Right away when I say this word, most people think flaky and esoteric. Our spirits really are our true intellect and governing body and it has gotten a bad rap.

When we develop our spirit by connecting with our Creator, God, we learn many essential truths for life, such as

  True self-governing
  Emotional control
  Conflict resolution
  Real peace

When you look at these topics, you quickly see that people who are not skilled in any of these areas will have a hard time navigating through life. In my opinion, modern psychology teaches us empty tricks and false pretenses that fool us into thinking we are
improving, but really take us no where fast. Tricks such as behavior modification do not create lasting change in a person. The best change occurs from the inside out when we take full ownership of our being.

As I have developed my spirit with the help of God’s Spirit, I have found I can mature in each area I listed above (not perfect, but moving forward). When I do this over time, I have seen some positive benefits, such as I am more likely to 
  Respond to verbal attacks honorably 
  Not fall for manipulative tactics
  Keep my emotions separate from heated debates
  Understand another person’s perspective instead of constantly defending mine

  Loving people with different values while not compromising my own

Again, I am not perfect, but the trend is definitely my friend. Much of this sounds like a pipe dream in our over-emotional, hair-trigger world, but rest assured it is a reality. The reason it sounds foreign is that our culture values religious actions and psychological
maneuverings over true personal improvements.

I suggest finding some historical figures with these qualities and studying their lives, especially their habits. Then put some of those habits into practice. That’s what I did.

Remember you are priceless and powerful!

Dr. Jane
Wholeness Living Thought Leader