New Gazette Article


Thank you to the Billings Gazette for publishing Dr. Jane's article in their faith and values column entitled "Spirit Requires Truth to Flourish." 

Here's a snippet to get you started. "By medicine focusing only on our bodies and religion focusing only on our souls, we have overlooked the noblest and most powerful part of what it means to be human ... our spirit.

Called “ruach” by the Hebrews and “pneuma” by the Greeks, the human spirit is considered delicate and flaky by some. But the ancients considered our spirit as the place of rational thought where the “power of grasping and perceiving divine and eternal truths” lives. Martin Luther went even further to describe it as “the highest and noblest part” of a person.

This surprises most people. I know it did me. When I read these definitions years ago, I nearly lost my continence. "Seriously?" I thought. In all my decades of church-going and education, I had never heard that our spirits were that essential. 

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