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One-on-One Coaching

During our appointments, you choose what you want to work on to create your best life. I will meet with you, hear your story and together we’ll determine what you need most. You’ll have access to my 25 plus years of medical and healing experience, as well as my expertise in creating a personalized plan to easily put my tools and resources into your daily life.

I have years of experience addressing health, relational, and esteem issues, as well as specialize in unique coaching strategies for overcoming Lyme Disease, strengthening immunity, increasing energy, improving mental function, and mood using remedies like organic foods, herbs, supplements, and homeopathy. If you are having an issue in your body, soul, or spirit, it is likely I have a suggestion that would help.

Our Coaching Relationship

Although I am an M.D. by training, our relationship will not be a doctor patient arrangement, but a coach client relationship. I will not be diagnosing or treating any health conditions or ailments. My role with you will be supportive in that I will provide resources, strategies, support, and empowerment that is no way to be taken as medical advice or treatment. 

You're In Control

I offer help in a variety of areas, but you choose where you would like my help. Some clients only want help with their physical health, and others with inner healing. That is fine. My role is supportive and empowering. I am always putting the authority for decisions back into my clients' hands, so that they learn how to fight for themselves. Taking ownership of your life is key to living whole

One of the most important foundations to good health is trust. Unfortunately, it is also the one repeatedly broken in our culture. Without it, we feel unstable and our immune system suffers; with it, we achieve effective, lasting growth. I will do my best to create and maintain trust with you.

Getting Started

After you contact me, I will send you an email with my coaching agreement and personal history form. Included in that email will also be available dates/times that we can meet in person, via phone, or by video conferencing. 

During your first session, we will determine your needs and I’ll make some initial suggestions. Afterwards, I will create a summary with suggestions and ideas for you to consider. Phone/video sessions are recorded, so you can download/listen to them. We will schedule follow up sessions on an as needed basis depending on your needs.

Local and long distance appointments available.

Virtual Office Rates
Please be advised: I do not bill insurance. I accept credit/debit cards, cash, checks.

15-minutes $50
30-minutes $95
45-minutes $145
60-minutes $190

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