avoiding emf4-24-2018

Ah, a cabin in the woods! Now, that's a sure fire way of avoiding electromagnetic frequency exposure from our devices. But who wants to live in the woods all the time? I don't. I like people.

You may be wondering why you would want to avoid EMFs in the first place. Here's a simple study to help you understand.

A few years back, a group of young ladies wanted to understand the effects of EMFs on their brains. They noticed that when they slept with their cell phones near their beds they had more difficulty thinking in class the next day.

They devised two controlled environments. One had a tray of seeds germinating in a room with no Wfi. The other room had the same number of seeds germinating near two router boxes. The results were stunning.

First, the seeds exposed to the Wifi displayed stunted growth, and second, the scientific community revolted. Many "experts" came out saying the results were unproven or non-reproducible. That people should wait until real scientists conducted real experiments.

That was 2013. Since then, scientists have continued to study the effects of cell phone and wireless devices and have come to the same conclusion as the ladies: These devices can effect our health. Rather than rehashing another's work, I've provided the link to a fabulous article below *.

For those of you who already know the risks of EMFs, here are a few simple ideas to reduce your exposure:

1. Use your cell on speaker when possible
2. Don't carry it in your pocket or bra
3. Put your cell 4-6 feet away from your bed when sleeping.
4. Turn off your wifi router at night.
5. Use a diode on your cell and other wifi devices (Best I've found come from
6. Use a wired mouse and keyboard
I've been doing these simple steps for 17 years and definitely notice a difference in my health. When we forget to turn off the internet at night, we all comment in the morning how poor our sleep was.

Protecting yourself and your family does not have to be complicated. Take one step at a time, and you will get there.

* Link to in depth EMF article:

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