high fructose pic11-29-2017

You may or may not remember something called high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). It is the main ingredient in soda and other processed foods.

The problem with it is that your body does not like it as a source of energy. Your body is designed to use glucose; insulin binds to it and then helps it move into cells to power things like your brain, muscles, and heart.

But fructose will not bind to insulin, so it circulates around your blood stream wreaking havoc on your health until your liver processes it. Insulin rises after eating it because your body senses a carbohydrate, but it does not go down quickly because fructose cannot bind to it. That is bad for your health on its own. Then your body must breakdown the fructose in your liver. Formaldehyde and uric acid are part of the by-products that also worsen your health.

HFCS has higher than normal levels of fructose so your liver must work very hard to remove it from the blood stream. The result of eating it is that the calories are stored in your body as fat.

Here are some common problems with eating it (1):
  • Arthritis
  • Dementia
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes (types I and II)
  • Liver disease (fatty liver)
  • Heart disease (including high blood pressure)
  • Kidney disease
  • Obesity
In the past 5-10 years customers of processed foods have become more educated on these effects, so they’ve been buying fewer foods with HFCS such as soda. Profits have dropped for food makers and they are fighting back by changing the name to protect this vile ingredient. HFCS is now called fructose or fructose syrup on labels. Other names they are using to hide it are (2)
  1. Glucose syrup
  2. Maize syrup
  3. Tapioca syrup
HFCS has around 55-65% fructose content. The new syrup has 90% fructose. For comparison, 50+ years ago we averaged 15 gms of fructose a day, roughly the amount in two small apples (3). With HFCS, that went up to 135 gm/day. Can you imagine how many grams of fructose that will be with 90% fructose? All those grams will be processed through a person’s liver, which means worsening health.

If we saw an epidemic of chronic illnesses with the old HFCS, imagine what will happen to those numbers with the new fructose syrup. It is criminal in my opinion. They know the effects. They know the cost in healthcare numbers. And yet, they rebrand it and make it deadlier.

More than ever, you need to be transitioning to organic, locally grown food that is NOT processed. You need to be drinking pure, filtered water as the main source of your hydration. And most importantly, you need to read labels because you cannot trust what food producers are putting on the labels.

I’ve provided my sources below. Don’t take my word for it. Educate yourself. Take control of your life today.


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