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A place where women can take back their lives!

We've been told to be submissive, be good girls, look sexy, have a career, take care of your family, sacrifice for the church, care for the poor, and so on. These demands have left most of us exhausted and disappointed.
We are reaching our middle years wondering who we are and why we are alive. Most have serious health challenges and mood difficulties. Many more doubt if God is real and have no hope for the future.

This is no way to live

I know because I’ve been there. In 2001-2002, a life-threatening illness left me bed ridden. I had to rebuild my life from the bottom. I asked myself a lot of tough questions when all I had was the energy to look at the ceiling. It was then that I understood that I was not part of my life. I was living someone else’s idea of my life.

To get well, I had to question everything and come up with answers that were based on truth, not tradition or opinions. Some ideas I kept, many others I flushed in my mental toilet. The big thing I learned was that I am priceless and powerful and worth fighting for. As I fought for me, the real me came to the surface and I took my life back from chaos, despair, and disappointment. My health improved, my relationships deepened, and my spirit soared.

Now it’s your turn!

The beauty of truth is that it sets anyone free. What I did, you can too. In this support group, you’ll experience the support and training to help you take back your whole life –   body, soul, and spirit for only $20/month. You'll also be able to ask me those how-to questions.

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