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Life feels like a blur.

Most days we pop (or drag) ourselves out of bed and don't stop until we crash back into it at night. Most people I talk with feel like they are not in control of their lives and have no way of making it better. My life is busy too, but now it is by choice.

Being bed-ridden in the early 2000s showed me what slow looks like. Days looking at the ceiling from the flat of my back were long and painful. In that extreme slowness, I learned to see something vital to my healing. It wasn't a medicine or a supplement. It wasn't a special doctor or a treatment. It was my spirit. As long as I ignored its needs I remained powerless to change, but once I saw its ability to produce positive effects I could heal. The truths I'm about to share will empower you to regain control of your life...if you will apply them. Hopefully you won't require illness to slow you down as I did. 

We are triune beings, meaning we are made of three parts. A body, a soul, and a spirit. Our three parts are designed to function together as a whole just as our liver, brain, and lungs work together to keep our body going strong. 

Unfortunately the area of our unseen parts has become...well weird. The only place it is "legal" to talk about our spirits is in church. But it is time to take control over your entire health and that includes understanding the role your spirit plays in being healthy. 

The thing our busy lifestyles miss is that developing our spirits is just as important as eating right and exercise. It's just as important as developing your intelligence and emotional intelligence. In my opinion it is more important because your spirit is where energy enters your being. When it is strong, your whole being is strong. And when you are strong you can change your life.

So if it is important, why are our spirits so neglected? Two words: Broken trust.

The area of our spirits is a common place for people to tune out because they expect controlling evangelism. Any time we reduce our actions down to controlling another we have destroyed trust. As much as I respect the hard work of career evangelists, they focus primarily on winning souls and teaching duty. If this approach saved anyone from pain, then we would have a far better world. For the last fifty plus years “soul winning” has been everywhere and yet people sit in their lives starving for relief. In fact, I would argue when we do not equip people to care for their three parts (body, soul, and spirit) and their three relationships (God, ourselves, and others), we create more pain. Of course they did not know this. Of course they worked tirelessly doing what they thought was best. And I thank them for that, but it is time to realize a person is not improved by manipulating them into a good decision.

Only Love can improve a person. And love enters our being through, you guessed it, our spirits. 

Only after our spirits experience authentic Love will the facts of a hurting person change. In 2001, the fact was that I was fractured and dying. The fact was that I believed in God and belief alone did not change my health. The truth was that God had created me to live whole and had ways to heal me. The truth was I could not see any of this because trust had been broken in my heart. So God loved me intensely and as he loved me, I began to trust. As I trusted, I could hear what he spoke and could see my answers. Only then did the facts of my life change. As I have gone on this journey, the most shocking thing I learned was that establishing trust with us is God’s highest priority. Yep, I’ll say it again because too many people believe fear and punishment are his highest priorities. Creating trust is God’s highest priority with you because trust is Love in action. It’s how we move from powerless to powerful, from victim to champion, from learned helplessness to engaged, from timid to courageous, from dutiful to loving, from shattered to whole.

By medicine focusing only on our bodies and religion focusing only on our souls, we have overlooked the noblest and most powerful part of what it means to be human... our spirits.

It's time to shift the momentum of our lives by seeing we have a spirit that has needs and then begin to satisfy those needs.

That's all for this week.
Remember you are priceless & powerful,
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Dr. Jane
Wholeness Living Thought Leader