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You may or may not be old enough to remember when older people used to say the word "cancer" they would whisper. It would go something like this.

“Did you hear about Sally?”

“No, what happened?”

The first person would look around cautiously and then whisper in a low voice, “She has cancer.”

Shock and awe followed by the listener. Everyone knew it was “bad” and no one wanted to get it. The fear that came with the word made it feel like it was contagious. Cancer isn't, but fear is. Certain diseases just carry a lot of despair with them. Lyme disease is one such disease because we all know someone whose life has been ruined by it. 

When I was diagnosed in 2001, not many knew about Lyme disease, so getting a positive test was not seen as a big deal. It was a big deal to me, though, because I knew I was dying. It was only years later that I realized how rare my success story was. I had good supplements, this is true, but there was one thing I had that trumped the best vitamin. -- a wining mindset. Frankly, it ensured my victory. 

One of the first things I try to communicate to people battling Lyme or any other disease is hope. As long as we believe we can’t heal or won’t heal we block our own immune system. I do not say this to accuse sick people of being sick. No one wants to be ill. But in the course of being ill for a long time, we can develop mindsets that block the very thing we are fighting for. Our own fear, habits, people’s responses to our illness, and medical professionals decrees all help shape our view of our ability to heal. This mindy/body connection was considered voodoo for decades, but now it is finally getting some respect. Places like Johns Hopkins, Harvard, and Yale have created research centers specifically for this. 

There are also numerous case studies from medical history that talk about people beliefs strongly effecting their health for good or bad. One such case, recounted by Lissa Rankin, M.D., happened in 1957 with the drug Krebiozen. A patient strongly believed in the power of that medicine to cure his cancer and sure enough tumors all over his body disappeared a few days after treatment. As research proved, however, that this medicine was worthless in fighting cancer, this man’s hope faded and his tumors reappeared. His physician, hoping to help his patient, told him he had a powerful form of the medicine. On a return visit he did not give him the medicine, but sterile water, suspecting that his mind had affected his healing. Once again he believed and once again his tumors disappeared. Months later when the press declared this drug’s final failure, the patient lost all confidence in his healing, his tumors reappeared, and he died two days later (see reference at end of blog). It’s a powerfully sad story. Medicine has since labeled this response the “placebo effect” and has used it to try and discredit “alternative therapies” as fakes. The truth is you need to believe and you need good remedies as well.

We need a wholeness approach. Our mind is part of our soul and can be very powerful as seen above. To be most effective, it needs to be fueled by your spirit, the noblest and highest part of our being (Martin Luther, Strongs Hebrew Lexicon) so that it leads us in a constructive direction. A strong mind without the direction of a strong spirit will lead us to poor decisions. Forgetting that we are body, soul, and spirit is why so many healing techniques ultimately run aground. We need a balanced approach in everything. I sit astonished when people tell me that all someone needs to heal is prayer and the Word of God or conversely all they need is meditation and organic food. Both approaches will fail because those people are neglecting crucial parts of who they are. Even if you have a healthy liver and kidneys, you can’t live without your lungs. The same is true with your body, soul, and spirit. You can’t ignore a part of you and expect vibrant health.

I know this professionally and I know it personally. When I fought Lyme disease instead of focusing on what was hurting me, I focused on what could help me whether it was food, God, or mindsets. It was this complete approach that gave me the hope I needed to create my healing momentum because I stopped looking at what was making me sick and focused on what was helping me heal. I regularly feed my spirit hope while connecting with God, so that my soul could believe in my healing. This changed my mindsets so that I did good things for my body even when I could not see the immediate results. Eventually I not only healed, but I also accelerated in strength and vitality.    

A wholeness approach is an important step in creating your big unbreakable life. Please, don't fall for piecemeal strategies.

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