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The Gift of Vulnerability


Vulnerability... it's what's required to grow and few like to hear that.

What is vulnerability anyway? To people who have been victimized, it creates images of helplessness, but that is not what I am talking about.

The vulnerability I am referring to is openness and risk-taking. To grow into your authentic self and live a life of freedom, you need to feed all of your body, soul, and spirit. As you feed all of your parts, you’ll grow and burst the seams of your current life. But, oh, to push through the soil, to open oneself up, and dare to pop your head above ground level. By doing so we say, "Hello world, here I am. Here's what's on my heart."

Growth asks you if you’ll say "YES" to being vulnerable. I encourage you to go ahead, push through the dirt, and pop your head up!

"But, Dr. Jane, don't you know that critics may come and peck me. Or the rain may not come and I'll dry up. Or some careless person may step on me and crush my momentum."

Yes, I know. It is possible that one or all three of those situations may come. But I still say, push on. Why? Because you can become unbreakable. Over 2000 years ago, God came as a human to remove our breakability, or to put it another way, our liability to suffer. Once connected with the One who is Love, we will experience our new, unbreakable life.

We are priceless and powerful people, and priceless treasures are protected, repaired, and cherished. Get used to focusing on what you is fighting for you and letting go of the what-ifs. Allow yourself to grow and burst your seed coat. God’s loving attention and permanent connection with you will not be stopped by what-ifs or mishaps.

That's all for this week.
Remember you are priceless & powerful,

Dr. Jane
Wholeness Living Thought Leader
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