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There is an important mineral that modern farming practices and sprays have been stripping out of our soil for decades. Most people don’t care about this fact because they don’t connect what is missing in the dirt with their health. We haven’t needed to because we can turn to a pill when faced with diagnoses like heart disease, arthritis, parasites, chronic fatigue, allergies, depression, hair loss, cancer, or MS.

But a pill, whether a prescription or even a supplement, won’t fix what is wrong with our health. You see, we are made to eat food, real food, and it is time to slow down enough to make sure that is what we are eating. If we are “too busy” to eat nourishing food to feel good and heal, then we are too busy to live. The daily reports of friends and family dying too young tell us this.

Thankfully the reports of people reversing disease and sickness by changing what they eat are also rising. When we set our priorities on real food, then fewer of us will be dying of diseases we don’t need to develop. These are stern words; I know. But these are stern times.

The important mineral that you need from your food to fight disease is sulfur. I am not talking about the stinky yellow powder we used in chemistry class; I am referring to the food-based sulfur that makes onions sting, and kale robust. Your body uses it in many important processes from things like making vitamin D3 and glutathione (the queen of all antioxidants) to building tendons and muscular strength. You need it to live healthfully. 

Here are the top four food groups highest in it:
  1. Raw organic milk from grass-fed cows
  2. Beef and chicken from organic pasture-raised animals
  3. Eggs from, you guessed it, organic pasture-raised chickens
  4. Fresh organic vegetables like garlic, onion, Brussels sprouts, Asparagus, and Kale
Some of you may be saying, “I hear organic is not worth buying because it is contaminated with chemicals through bogus inspections.” Don’t let hack bloggers and ignorant nay-sayers scare you back into buying food that is stripped of its nutrition and that contains high levels of pesticides. Big money is trying to discredit organically produced food because they bank on misinformation. And yes, some greedy companies are trying to sell conventional food as organic. This does not change the fact that decades of studies have proven the nutrition and safety of organically raised food. Don’t give up on real organic food because you don’t know who to trust. Corruption in the system means you become smart and find trustworthy people. I for one am done listening to the sucking sound of surrender, so I eat and grow organic food.

Another form of sulfur you can find in food is called Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM). This nutrient saw a lot of attention in the 1980s and 90s when people discovered its anti-inflammatory benefits for arthritis and pain. According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, heat quickly it breaks down so be sure to get plenty of it by eating lots of raw organic vegetables, and drink some raw milk. In the Smith family, we raise our own organic eggs. I put some uncooked in my protein shake a couple times a week for this reason. However, I realize that nearly everyone eats the bulk of their meals processed and cooked, so the amount of usable sulfur they eat is low. Transitioning to an 80/20 raw to cooked food ratio will help a lot.

Also available is the concentrated form of MSM. Not everyone sees benefits taking this for a number of reasons. Some of the hit and miss benefits of it come from having binding agents or other contaminants when taking it. MSM binds petrochemicals, heavy metals, and other chemicals, so having anything in it other than pure, powdered MSM means some of it will already be bound. For instance, you don’t want to drink it with chlorinated city water. It will bind to the chlorine and reduce how much is free to work in your body. Some people have a genetic mutation that slows their ability to process sulfur and will feel a lot worse taking MSM. Lastly, people with heavy metal toxicity, especially mercury, will feel worse with certain sulfur containing foods and supplements until they remove these metals from their body.  

The important thing to take away from this article is that you need sulfur to live a healthy, disease free life. Educate yourself with articles like this to be armed with knowledge and then make wise food buying choices. Buying local organic foods is a good step.

We can no longer ignore what is happening to our soil and think that it does not affect our health. Truth is, modern farming has everything to do with it. Connect the dots; take care of priceless you.

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