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When I say the word, "integrity" what do you picture? Most people think of someone with good character and conscience. They think about doing what is right and avoiding what is wrong. Once I went to a religious conference on this topic and the speaker had the gaul to say that being a man of integrity meant leaving an elevator if a woman walked in to show his high moral standards. Wow! I'd say that is more a show if ignorance than integrity.

The problem with integrity is that we think it only has to do with morals. We limit our understanding of it to one part of our being, when in actuality it portrays something much grander -- the destiny of humanity being whole, integrated people.

Integrity means to be whole, unbroken. Noah Webster's 1828 dictionary goes on to call it, "the entire, unimpaired state of anything." Integrity has to do with you focusing on living whole, not good. Did I really say that? Yes, I did. Focusing on living good has not created the utopia many hoped it would. Take a look around. We spend our lives trying to be "good citizens, wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, or employees." But when all the boxes are checked, we are anything but satisfied. Our spirits are starving for authentic living, for when we focus only on part of us, we lose the whole point of being. It's like looking at food, but never eating any of it.

The problem with our current idea of integrity is that we lose sight of our ability to live as whole, unimpaired people. It actually is our destiny to live whole so that we experience the liberty of being the real us. How many of you would love to stop putting on a mask to live up to someone else's idea of who they think you should be. Performance is not being integrous, as the man in the conference suggested. The magnificence of integrity comes from living as a whole person -- body, soul, and spirit. In that place of completeness, you can ditch the list of good/bad behaviors and create a life of liberty where you are free to be the real you, to create the life you love, not dread.

I get it. This is new thinking, so here are some suggestions to help you get there: 
  1. Stop asking, "But what if people don't like the real me?" Do you really want to give a person or people that much control over you that their acceptance or rejection of you causes you to live behind a mask? To live a lie? Wow, I sure hope not. That's called slavery. 
  2. Focus your attention on living whole, not being good. Authenticity will bring out the best in you. 
  3. When you work toward being whole, look for people working on the same goal and you will find you have real friends to help you along the way.
Remember just as whole seeds grow and produce life, so do you. It is time for you to experience the joy of integrity by being becoming genuine you. Come tell me on FB or message me how this article challenged or helped you. I love talking with you. 

That's all for this week.
Remember you are priceless & powerful,
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