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Recently I was reading a blog by a woman who counsels abuse victims. She said that during one of her speaking engagements she teared up and felt emotional. Later she apologized for being unprofessional. Wow, acknowledging pain is part of being human and we never need to apologize for expressing it.

In her blog, she echoed my feelings on this topic that as a society we see it as normal to block, drown, ignore, and numb pain -- anything but look at it. 

The problem with pain is that we see it as destructive. We think that if we "look" at it we will be consumed by it and our lives will be ruined. Actually, the opposite is true. If we don't look at, our internal unrest it will destroy us. The reason for this is that pain is like tar it will eek out when we least expect it or want it to, just as with the above mentioned speaker. Whether we carry our own pain or someone else's, we need to make a way for it to come out healthfully.

But as long as we follow the culture of stuffing, we are going to have problems with pain. This can show up in many ways, but today I want to look at only one aspect of ignoring pain and that is self-sabotage. 

I saw this many times as a physician, but I remember a particular patient who used to halt her progress regularly. After starting on an energizing green drink to help her detox years of smoking, drinking, and drug use, she started feeling happy and full of life. She called me one day to ask, "What is in this stuff?' I assured her it was only dehydrated vegetables and nothing else, and that it was helping her feel better.

When I saw her at our next appointment she was dragging again. "I stopped," she said. After talking with her a while, I discovered that she did not feel like she deserved to be well. She believed her past abuses of her body set her up for disease and misery. She wouldn't move past this belief and her health suffered as a result. 

Unfortunately, many think this way and we don't have to. Pain bubbles up because our souls long for resolution. Once we resolve it, there is no more seeping. There is no more destruction. We can forgive ourselves. We can forgive others. We can learn to love ourselves. We can then take care of our entire being -- body, soul, and spirit -- and celebrate our growing health and peace. Processing is OK and it's your new norm in Wholeness Living. 

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