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If you lived since the 1960s you've heard many predictions of the 2000s. Do you remember flying car and time machines? Maybe you remember nuclear holocausts and big brother take overs. My favorite is determining the return of Christ and world ending catastrophes. We find some of these humorous because they are so far off from what really happened. Some of the consequences of these false predictions are not so funny.

I have met many people who have stopped living, given up on dreams, and retreated from society because of negative predictions. I've known marriages torn apart, children who have no hope, and people who turn to alcohol because of supposed dark futures. Powerlessness wreaks a lot of damage.

An important truth has been lost in all this doom: Why your are alive is BIGGER than your circumstances. Our spirits, the natural leaders of our beings, need truth so we can lead our souls and our bodies into relief, not more burdens.

For too long our teachers in all institutions have tried to force feed truth to our minds using logic. But truth is not always logical. I mention one of my heroes, Johannes Kepler, several times in my book A Big Unbreakable Life. Did you know that he was legally blind from a childhood illness? Imagine a high school counselor advising him. “Hmm, Johannes, I see from your records that you are visually impaired. Your aptitude tests indicate you are good with math. I strongly encourage you to go work with the monks. The dark halls will accommodate your visual challenges nicely.” Imagine everyone’s surprise when that legally blind man observed our planets true movements. It’s not logical. His spirit drove his body past its limitations because discovering the truth was freeing.

There is no substitute for truth. This pattern happens over and over in history. We see it with Einstein who was labeled too dumb for higher education. With Beethoven, who although deaf, became one of our greatest composers. With Nathaniel Bowditch, self-taught seaman, who discovered safe ways to navigate the seas through trigonometry.

Keep feeding your spirit truth because you may miss your genuine calling if you think about it logically. Let these examples remind you that the why of your life is always bigger than your circumstances and its bigger than the times you live in.

Pursue and be the real YOU no matter what is going on because that will stop the doom predicted. It's when we stop living that things fall apart. Truth is, the world needs what you do and who you are, just as we needed Kepler's observations about space. You are just as important!

That's all for this week.
Remember you are priceless & powerful,
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Dr. Jane
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