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Time. It's the currency of life we often feel we don't have enough. Understanding how to manage time is important to our whole being, but especially our souls because our soul's main need is love and that is spelled TIME.

The key to living life fruitfully is to not only be aware of the tick tock, tick tock of life but also to learn how to use it to your advantage. We all have 24 hours in a day; its an amazing gift of life, so let's look at how we unwrap it. 

  • Realize time is yours. If you find yourself saying you don't have enough time to do something, odds are you have delegated authority over your time to someone else. Employers are the number one place we delegate authority over our time. Subtle messages like "be a good team player" are used to get us to do something we don't want to do. If we cave to this kind of manipulation, we are delegating our authority. Yes, work hard. Yes, be excellent at what you do. Show your employer you are the best person for your position. BUT also stand your ground on breaks, schedules, and time off. Your need for rest is just as important as your need to achieve.
  • Your time is as important as anyone else. People use duty and obligation to guilt others into spending time their way not our way. Church and civic organizations are good at this. It's not that they are bad, but that is how they do business. Most people who use duty to motivate do not realize they are manipulating people. The answer is to be internally motivated so that you accomplish the good deeds YOU have planned. I go to church where I sing, preach, help with the slides, even clean a toilet or two, but I balance church requests with my family's and my needs. If we blow ourselves out with service, then we have less to offer.
  • Learn what fills you. If you spend time doing what fills you, then you will have more energy. When you have more energy, you will be much more effective and efficient doing tasks.There will be more of you to go around.  
  • "No" is a valid answer. Puffed up people will treat your time as expendable, thinking their mission for life is greater than yours. Nope! Don't let them do that. When I schedule a workout or time alone with Jesus and someone calls to ask me to do something I don't say what I am doing. Most times I don't even answer the phone. We do not have to explain to anyone what we are doing.

These are just a few ideas. Implement them one at a time to watch your life improve and your stress decrease. If you need help, we can set up a coaching appointment to help you take back your time.

That's all for this week.
Remember you are priceless & powerful,
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Dr. Jane
Wholeness Living Thought Leader