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I am deeply grateful to the hard working scientists who have pulled hundreds of research papers together that prove this weed killer is the source of our modern epidemics of cancer, dementia, autoimmune disease, celiac, liver/kidney/thyroid disease, and early death (to name a few). The two champions are Stephanie Seneff PhD and Anthony Samsel PhD. 

I recently re-read an article I archived in 2013 to refresh my memory on some key features of glyphosates for a client. It is an 18-paged paper in the Interdisciplinary Toxicology Journal. The effects they cover range from microcephaly in South America to kidney failure in Louisiana. It's despicable that we are exposed to such chemical warfare everyday. Studies show that glyphosates are found in most food, ground water, breast milk, and wine.

The graph below charts the death rate from thyroid cancer against the increased use of glyphosates. The second table is the authors' table of effects from this herbicide (see reference below). Clearly, this is not something you can ignore. But it's not a time to despair either. Let's look at what you can do.

Glyphosates bind up some really important nutrients and make them unavailable to you when you eat food with this on it. Things like iron, molybdenum, cobalt, selenium, zinc, calcium, and magnesium are depleted in people who are exposed to this chemical. These are key nutrients for thyroid function, blood production, immune function, and bone density. Eating organic has never been more important, as these nutrients are higher in organic soils and plants. Organic food is foundational to good health. That includes taking a plant based organic multivitamin. 

Another area that glyphosates destroy our health is in neurotransmitter production. They mess up the synthesis of tryptophan, tryosine, and methionine amino acids. All of which are building blocks for things like Serotonin. Depression and suicide are increasing all the time. Interestingly, Montana has the highest suicide rate in the U.S. and we are a big agriculture state. Part of this problem is caused by the destruction of good bacteria by glyphosates. Probiotics help us make neurotransmitters, so  taking a daily broad spectrum probiotic is essential in today's world. 

The third area I want to highlight are the effects destroying our good bacteria has on our health. Taking a probiotic as I mentioned will help, but avoiding non-organic foods especially soy, corn, sugar, and wheat is important. For decades farmers have been instructed to "rippen" their crops by spraying them just before harvest. It dehydrates them, making it easier to cut. As a result, good bacteria in the soil and our guts are dying, which effects our ability to make folate and other nutrients. Folate, not folic acid, is key in hundreds of steps in our body. Without it our immune system, nervous system, and healing systems flail. Eating a lot of raw, dark green leafy vegetables will give your body the folate it needs to be healthy.

There is much more to this topic than time allows, so know that there many things you can do to protect and reverse the effects of glyphosates. Read some articles, dig into what is truly healthy. If you need help, I offer local as well as teleconferencing coaching appointments for individuals and groups. 
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Seneff, Stephanie. "Glyphosate, pathways to modern disease II: Celiac sprue and gluten intolerance," Interdisciplinary Toxicology Journal. November 2013