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Feelings are not bad or good; they just are. They are a part of being human that is miraculous. But not everyone loves feelings, nor understands them. When we are healing they can be downright overwhelming, so today we are looking at how to unravel them and keep on healing. 

On a purely basic level our emotions can be described chemically as our neurotransmitters turn electrical impulses into messages that connect our memories to our feelings to make life meaningful. But that is not all. Our spirit and our soul add to the mix of how we experience our emotions by bringing truth, desires, and dreams to the party. Feelings are a beautiful piece of what we call us.

There are times in life, though, when our feelings can feel out of control. When we are healing, our neurotransmitter levels change, our hormones shift, our brain rewires, and our immune system is in flux. Removing things like heavy metals and petrochemicals frees up your brain to work better. This means you'll start thinking clearer. Old thoughts you buried suddenly are front and center. This alone can make us feel unstable.

But that is not all. Old emotions that we kept firmly under wraps can also float to the surface. If you are someone who is used to being in control, this can feel like chaos. Old disappointments, failures, and betrayals usually are first to surface. If you are not used to processing your feelings you may feel stuck in the dumps. This experience is similar to what happens in our colon every day: Things that you need to let go of are ready to, well… be dumped. Our soul and spirit signal the “urge to purge” when old feelings and memories won’t be pushed down anymore. This is not a disease; it is called healing.

Let me assure you that all this is completely normal. You are made of body, soul, and spirit. When you begin to heal one part of you it influences the rest of your being, just as you detoxing your liver affects kidneys and bowels. 

Here are some suggestions for keeping your healing momentum going in the midst of these emotional flushes:

1.    Be patient with yourself – Know that you did not get where you are overnight. By the time people realize it is time for a change, decades have passed. Be patient with your healing. Know that it is a process. It will not take as long to heal as it did to get ill, but restoration also won’t happen overnight.  

2.    Be Kind to Yourself – It is hard to do everyday life when you feel emotional from detoxing and healing. Frequently my clients will demand of themselves to “get a grip.” Your soul and spirit are trying to heal with your body. Give yourself space and time to process. Ask those around you to give you time to heal. When old memories and feelings come to the surface, journal what you’re thinking and feeling. Talk with a counselor, prayer minister, family member, or good friend. Your body, soul, and spirit are geared for healing and wholeness when given space and time. It is all right to shift from stuffing to processing what’s happening.

3.    Be calm with yourself – If you started a new eating routine, supplements, inner healing, and exercise program all at once, your feelings are probably all over the place. It is time to scale back. I suggest doing one new thing until it feels good. Start low and go slow is my motto for everything with healing. Get extra sleep, extra filtered water, and extra hugs. Let things settle down before pushing ahead. It’s OK.

The reason healing is “hard” and why most people give up is that we’ve forgotten we are body, soul, and spirit. When we forgot this, we forgot how to heal because healing involves our entire being, not just one part. We are not robots. We are not merely chemical reactions or genetic code walking around. We are priceless people who need comfort while healing. What I described above —patience, kindness, and calmness—is called comfort. It is a lost practice to comfort ourselves. We’ve reduced it down to eating ice cream or drinking chicken soup, but it is so much more than that. It means to come with strength and that is exactly what we need while healing...comfort.

When we practice it regularly we will make ourselves stronger and stronger. It is how we heal and it is how we keep our momentum in the midst of major change.

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