I have lots of good news to report from Dr. Jane Wholeness Living!

First off, Supplement Savvy is only 5 days away. I am very excited to share some new, cutting edge material with you.
See what’s coming:
  • Each video call with me is going to be recorded, so you can’t miss out and you’ll be able to email your questions ahead of time for Q & A .
  • You’ll learn how to use supplements to easily and naturally to
    • Detoxify your body
    • Strengthen your immunity
    • Balance your hormones
    • Increase your sleep and energy
    • Improve your mind and mood
I created all this with the goal of helping you look and feel better, but there’s one more BIG reason to take this class – another healthcare reform vote failed. Our leaders are not going to take care of us; it’s time to take care of ourselves so our need for expensive healthcare decreases. 16 years ago I was bed-ridden with lots of medical debt. Now I use so little healthcare that I have not had insurance for 12 years.
I am an extreme example, but you can improve your health too, so you don’t have eldercare or cardiac care nightmares in your future.
Throughout this course, I will give you step-by-step help as well as talk about insurance alternatives that really work. I am done watching people wither and die from things I know are preventable.
At 75% off, there is no reason to miss this life-improving course!
The next good news is that I am starting a Wholeness Living support group. Many of you have read my book How to Live a Big Unbreakable Life: an Invitation to Wholeness and told me how much it has helped you. You’ve also said that you need help doing the day-to-day adjustments to make what you’ve learned stick. To better support you, I’m starting this group in November. We’ll meet monthly in a live call for Q & A and encouragement. Then during the month, you’ll receive emails with Wholeness Living tips and ideas. To make sure as many of you and your loved ones can benefit from my expertise, I am pricing this group at only $20/month. 
Attendees to Supplement Savvy will get two free months, bonus materials, and group sneak peeks.
With all this good help coming your way, your opportunity for breakthrough just got bigger. Wouldn’t it be great to see your health restrictions decrease so that you feel better in 3 months, 6 months, and even a year from now? It would be an honor to help you fight for you!