Why am I so tired picture 

I think this is one of the most common questions I hear. 
Energy drink labels would make you think fatigue is solved with caffeine and sugar, medical doctors with pills or surgery, nutritionists with diet and exercise, and yogis with meditation. The list for energy cures is long. 
From a Wholeness perspective, fatigue is a hunger sign that your spirit, soul, and body need attention. The longer your three parts are hungry the deeper it will be. The thing we miss in modern living is that energy begins with our spirits, not our bodies. And energy begins with Love.
Love enters our being through our spirits. Think about it. When you've been in love, you didn't think about your stamina. That's because love in the form of acceptance, and belonging feeds our deepest needs. Love is one of the main Truths for which our spirits are starving. The energy this releases then spills over like a waterfall into our souls. Here, things like forgiveness and beauty add to our strength and things like unforgiveness and starkness steal it. The last place energy flows is into your body from your soul. Here, good nutrition and rest propel it forward and you with it. 
For too long we've forgotten what it means to be alive. It is time that we correct our mistakes, and grow in the big, unbreakable people we are destined to become. Who's ready? 

That's all for this week.
Remember you are priceless & powerful,
Dr. Jane
Wholeness Living Thought Leader