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Why aren’t you practicing medicine? It is a question I get asked regularly. 

It is perfectly reasonable for someone to ask me why I don’t practice medicine because I am not only an Emory University trained pediatrician, but I am also an Integrative Physician who knows how to help adults heal. I know how to use natural remedies like organic food, supplements, herbs, and homeopathy to heal from things like chronic illnesses, allergies, Lyme Disease, poor mental clarity, decreased energy, and depression. I know how to rebuild a life from bed-ridden. I know how to heal the wounds no one sees. I know how to bring it all together—body, soul, and spirit, so that a person lives whole, loving life and feeling energized. I know how to re-establish trust with ourselves, others, and God. I know how to balance achievement and rest, so that we don’t burn ourselves out or work our bodies like robotic machines. I know how to hear our heart’s song, so we move into your destiny dream. And I know how to feel stable when the world feels shaken. Whew! That is a lot to know. Why wouldn’t I practice medicine and share all this with people?

For a long time I haven’t practiced medicine so I could have time to raise my three sons. Now that my youngest is in high school, I decided I have the time to help people again. 
But when I look at where medicine and insurance companies are, I don’t see me fitting into managed care, let alone mandated care. 

In the current model of primary care medicine, we doctors are the power brokers, not the patient. You go to your doctor to get a medicine you don’t understand with ingredients you can’t pronounce. Appointments are short and mechanical. If you ask for alternatives, you are likely going to get one or two choices. If you decline your doctor’s kind offer, you are more likely to get a lecture that involves scaring you into action or told there is nothing more he or she can do for you. My point is you are not in control of your body or your choices with modern day-to-day medicine. It does not help you learn to fight for you or how to heal the longer you use it (trauma medicine not included). Primary care is largely a disempowering relationship that can create more questions than answers. I can’t do that again.

What I can do is coaching. When I coach, you are the power broker. You’ll learn what can help you and how remedies work. You’ll learn about your body, soul, and spirit, and your priceless value. Appointments are as short or as long as you need and are tailored to you. Each time we meet, you’ll learn more of how you are made and how to find answers to your questions. With coaching, you get stronger and smarter. Each time we meet your choices for healing become more numerous. If you decline my suggestions, I will come up with more ideas for you and show you how capable you are at making good decisions. My purpose is to help you see that you are in control of your being and your choices. Over time you will learn how to fight for you and how to choose the best methods to heal. Coaching is an empowering relationship. This I can do with gusto. 

So if you find yourself asking, “Why doesn’t Dr. Jane practice medicine?” Now you know why. And now you know what I have to offer when you are looking for answers for your life and health questions. 

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